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Devils’ and Angels’ get special access only dreamt about in this post-apocalyptic pandemic world. Through contacts made over two decades in film, television and modeling, NFT owners will get special access to the VIP models apartment club scenes in Milano, Athens, Bangkok, NYC, Toronto, and Los Angeles. This access will be in person (when you visit the clubs), as well as virtually (via VR headsets and 4k monitors installed at the clubs!) Tokenization of drinks and services accross all major clubs mean you don't need your cash, all benefits are attached to your Devils’ and Angels’ NFT. Devils’ and Angels’ let you indulge, but also help to save lives: Yes, 10% of proceeds go to raise awareness for anti-human-trafficking!

The Devils’ and Angels’ story begins a long way in the future, when there is a split in humanity brought on by a great virus. War and strife ensue, and eventually world governments mandate a vaccine and build glass walls around cities. A large portion of the population opts out for the wild, living in nature beyond the walls. As centuries pass, the two groups evolve differently.

The bubble city peeps grow more soft and nearly translucent. In the city, protected from the natural microbes, and consuming artificially produced antibody cocktails, the population gains the ability to live a very long time, and their minds and brains become very advanced. Gifts emerge in their biology, such as psychic ability.

The nature peeps grow harder, almost scaly. Some of their new evolutionary abilities include immense strength, and speed. Living alongside the best predators that have survived humanity put pressure on the group to have lightning reflexes, and their immune system was very great.

There is one other group though, a minority. They are workers destined to live at the borders, transporting resources from nature to the bubble city. They have raised generations of workers, unbiased by the politics of the transluces’ and the scalys’, friends with both. For themselves, the workers built a tavern, a place to dance, a place to Love.

Some transluces’ and scalys’ have learned about the secret tavern. Wanting more, they attend beautiful secret parties at the tavern. They dance.. They sing.. They indulge.. And then.. They have offspring.

The children of the mixed groups are different.. Magic.. Some are born with wings.. Some with horns.. Some with a mix of the two. These kids have more Love between them than can be imagined. And oh the things they can do!

Owners of their digital art, and the smart "contracts" attached to them, will get benefits that befit a Queen or King! They will be guided by the same PRs that guide the fashion models through club VIP sections, separating them from the general public, creating an exclusive vibe of fun loving dancing luxury. They will be whisked from venue to venue, recreating this exclusive vibe again and again.
And that's just the beginning! We've got some big names joining us, we’re just waiting for the permissions to share! Some I can share are Island Club in Greece, Hollywood in Milano, 1 Oak in NYC, and NFT Owners can be brought to these clubs' VIP sections, enjoy bottle service and the company of the models in town, or visit virtually via camera or VR headset!
And here in the Devils’ and Angels’, we do things democratically, as is destined in the new decentralized Blockchain world of NFTs and Meta. So keep checking back to learn about votes, drops, and announcements. Welcome to something FUN!

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Copyright 2022 ® Devils and Angels